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    We are the No. 1 of Dental Instruments Sharpening & Retipping Service company in the USA.

    Dental instruments are expensive, and no practice can afford to buy new ones every other month. That’s where our retipping and sharpening dental instruments services come to your rescue.

    US Diamond Dental makes your instruments like new. We know better than anyone else how time is of the utmost importance when you have patients in line to be treated. We save you time by returning your instruments retipped and sharpened within two business days.

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    Sending them to us for sharpening and retippingis not only cost effective but also saves a lot of your time.

    Turnaround Time is within 2 business days!!!

    Sharpening & Retipping

    Best Sharpening Dental Instruments Company in the USA
    No 1 Retipping Dental Instruments Company in the World

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We do advise packaging your instruments securely enough for none of the instruments to possibly break, but a few paddings will be fine. The order form is crucial. When filling out the order form, we ask that you name the instruments and then separately write down instruments on what you want to be done to them, along with the address, billing address (if different), and payment information. If instructions are not included in the special instructions section, we will serve you’re your tools as is.

    Please use USPS Priority Standard Box. You can send as many instruments in the medium size box with a flat rate. Request Shipping Label.

    The day we receive your package, we try our best to ensure that your tools are serviced and ready to be shipped out within two business days. We apply the base shipping, but if it is urgent, we can apply the expedited shipping but a higher charge for shipping will be applied.

    Please fill out all details. If you are not sure whether you need “sharpening” or “retipping” of your instruments, we will verify them based on the conditions of your instruments.

    Monday-Friday: 9 am – 5pm, eastern time. Please leave a message after hours or send us an email.

    If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

    Phone: 678-731-7252

    We have many returning customers on a daily basis and we prefer to focus our time on making sure every order is provided with high-quality service. But to maintain high business flow and standards, we prefer to apply for payment before shipping out your order. We can fax or mail open invoices before shipping if requested, but please understand that your serviced tools cannot be sent without payment unless told otherwise. We accept VISA, MC, AMEX, and DISCOVER. We also accept check or cash.

    Sharpening & Retipping
    -Order Process-

    1. Print Our Order Form

    Order Form
    • Retipping: General Instruments $1.99 each end. $3.98 both end
    • Sharpening: General Instruments $1.29 each end. $2.58 both end
    • Orth Instruments ( Sharpening Pliers, Cutters) $5.49 each.
    Price List

    Turn around time: within 2 business days

    2. Reguest Shipping Lebel

    Shipping Label
    • We create shipping label and email to you.
    • Less 30 instruments- $7.90 UPSP Priority mail Small size flat rate box
    • Over 30 instruments- $14.95 UPSP Priority mail medium size flat rate box
    • We will bill you later with your order.
    • You can use your own carriers

    New Dental Instruments
    -Special Offer-

    New Instruments- Special One Price- Limited Time Only !!!

    Double End- Only $9.95 by May. 31, 2020


    • 5, 23, 1, 2, 2A(pig tail), 2R/2L, 3, 3A, 3CH, 3ES, 6, 6A, 6L, 6XL, 8, 9, 11/12, 17, DG16, TU17, EN1, and more
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    Curettes & Scalers:

    • Gracey (Rigid, Long, Mini), Columbia, McCall, Barnhart, Jacquettes, H5, H6/H7, 204’s, McCall, Younger Good, Langer, Goldman-Fox,
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    Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

    This company is very professional and efficient. I received my retipped instruments in a week. I plan to use Diamond Dental for all my instrument needs.

    Tracy Llano

    Great Quality work as well as competitive prices. Great turn around times(1-2days, sometimes 3 days) and backed by service warranty. Constantly a satisfaction from great services.

    Wasi shah

    Mr. Lim, I really appreciate your fast services and great quality works. I didn’t know about retipping my instruments before you explained it to me. Since I have used your services I saved a lot of money too. Thank you again. Yes Dentistry and Implant Center. Duluth, GA

    Soon Kim

    You always do a great job of sharpening our instruments, and returning them in a timely matter! Thank you so much. – Ridgeview Dental Group

    Grant Harvey

    Best Re tipping dental instruments company! Extremely valuable fast and also trustworthy and the very best costs!

    Kelly Johnson

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